We are here to help your business grow and succeed.

BEAM is the oldest continuous networking group in Marin. Starting in 1987, BEAM’s mission is to achieve excellence and ongoing support in business development for its exclusive membership by providing positive, concrete, and consistent business leads based on referrals and networking for its membership. Each member of BEAM holds a sense of ownership and pride for the organization that springs from the professional and long-lasting relationships that arise from ongoing participation in the group.

BEAM members meet every Friday morning 7:15 - 8:30. We share leads, kudos, ideas on how we can consistently grow toward greater success, and information about our own businesses and what is unique about them -- and oh yes! breakfast too! If working with people you trust and respect and can count on is what you are looking for, then BEAM is for you.

Membership in BEAM is reserved for one person in each and every business category. That way, every member can feel confident in the colleague they are referring without any sense of conflict. This also enhances the ability to focus with precision on providing strong leads that deliver positive business outcomes. We also strive to develop categories of what we call ‘power partners’ within the group so that you can find a ‘business buddy’ that compliments your services. In addition to receiving the support of the membership at large, this fortifies the potential for exponential results. If partnership in success, in growth, and in expanding your business is what you are seeking, then you have found the place to make that happen.