Dr. Bill Baeza

Dr. Bill Baeza


Baeza Chiropractic

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Dr. William (Bill) Baeza is a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and has been in practice in the Bay Area for over 45 years.

Bill practices what he calls Traditional Chiropractic Care. This means that he treats primarily back and neck conditions with CMT (Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy). There is also a Holistic part of his practices where patients are taught more about staying healthy and preventing illness and disease. This includes advice on exercise, especially stretching and other practices to help the condition to respond faster and get stable quicker.

He accepts patient who have not gotten help with other Chiropractic techniques and is often able to help them with the main technique he uses (Gonstead). Dr. Baeza treats people of all age from Seniors and athletes and even infants.

Dr. Baeza has spoken at national seminars, and has taught at one of the Bay Area Chiropractic Schools. He served as a QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) for 10 years. He completed two extensive Sports Injury programs.

In his spare time Bill loves to garden and served as a Marin Master Gardener from 2003 to 2010.

He makes some amazing spicy salsa!

Bill is a widower father of three daughter, five grandchildren and his first great-granddaughter is due in April of 2018. Bill says “ As long as I’m blessed with my love for my work I won’t retire until I can’t adjust vertebrae.”