Celeste Binnings

Celeste Binnings

Massage & Feldenkrais

Celeste Binnings Massage

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Celeste Binnings, masseuse and certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, has been practicing massage for over three decades in the Bay Area. Twice voted best massage therapist in the Pacific Sun annual poll of Best in Marin and also Best of Marin for 2017 in the IJ poll.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work along with a caring and patient personality. Her skills lend to a therapeutic, relaxing and healing experience through the art of touch. The oldest form of healing work known to humanity.

Along with massage Celeste is also a skilled Feldenkrais practitioner. Providing one on one Functional Integration sessions in addition to teaching weekly Awareness Through Movement classes in southern Marin.

She loves spending time outdoors, gardening, cooking, and traveling. And completely thrives on the love of family and friends.

Her motto: "Putting your well-being first is the best foundation of any endeavor" and each day strives to walk that road.